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Fairy Wings

November 23, 2016

A recent fascination of mine has been wings. Dress up wings. I’ve been looking at how to make some really fancy ones for quite a while now, but I had a spare evening and decided to go ahead and make a static set. (Fancy term for ‘they don’t move’.) Someday, I’ll make some that flap, open, wave around… something. Today, though, I’m going to show you how I, in about three hours (because the glue had to dry) created a nice pretty set of wings.




I had an idea of what shape wings I wanted, so I went ahead and sketched it onto my base cardboard. (I used cereal boxes, but if I’d had any larger pieces of cardboard, I would have used them instead.) I wanted this fairy wing shape, but you could do butterfly, angel or other insect wings too.


I didn’t bother tracing the shape onto both pieces of cardboard. I just held them back to back and cut both at the same time. If you’re not planning to cover both sides of your base, be absolutely sure that you get mirror images of the shape by holding them back to back. Makes life easier.



I cut out the top pieces, then realized I didn’t know which side was supposed to go up! So, I messed around, moved the pieces ’til I was happy with them, and marked their orientations. You can’t really see the crayon on the box, but it’s got an arrow, the word ‘up’ (to designate that the arrow in fact points up, not down,) and an L, for the left hand side.


I rummaged through my paper bin and found these super shiny papers. (You can’t see them very well in the picture, because they’re so shiny the camera wouldn’t get a good picture.)


I picked red for the top pieces. It was kind of big, so I cheated and wrapped it instead of gluing it down. (Hooray for tape!)



Blue for the bottom pieces. (See those curly things I stuck on the ends of these pieces? They look cool, but they’re a nightmare to wrap. You can’t see in this picture, but I messed up in wrapping both of these, and at the part where the curve begins, there’s a little spot where you can see the cardboard. I’d cut a notch in the paper to accommodate the curve, and then, since it’s foil paper, it ripped. Both times. Just know, flat edges are much easier to wrap than weird wing shapes.)


Looks pretty good.


This is just the front (back?) side. The other side is still ugly. So, let’s fix it with more paper!


I laid the sheet of blue paper on the piece and kind of traced to figure out how big the blue should be. It didn’t work very well. I ended up with two blue middle pieces that are just barely too small. I glued them on anyway, though, and so far, no one’s noticed.


For the bottom pieces, I didn’t bother with tracing. I stuck glue right on the base, then laid the red and later the green on top and cut out what I wanted it to be. This works, if you don’t mind gluey hands and imperfection. They’re definitely not mirror images anymore. They still look cool, though.

dscn3299 dscn3298

I glued the bottom pieces to the top pieces, and stuck strips of cardboard in between. This kind of works, except the glue takes forever to dry, and I ended up sticking in little bits of duct tape to help it stick.


The cardboard strips got taped together, and there you go. The base for the wings.


Add some strings for straps so you can wear it, and there you go. Three hour (less if you just duct tape instead of glue) fairy wings!

dscn3308 dscn3305

I’m not really happy with the way the wings are attached to the back, and I’d like them to be bigger. So, since Dad told me where to find larger sheets of cardboard, I’ll probably try and make a better version.

Have you ever made dress up wings?


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