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My Rainbow-Colored Life

March 20, 2017

Rainbows are great, bright colors are awesome.

This is my first experiment with paper mache and balloon animal balloons. It’s covered in catalog cutout pieces, mostly from clothing catalogs. It’s actually made of two separate pieces, because I didn’t like the twisted together look, I guess. Or I didn’t think about it until there was paper on the form. I know I was really worried about getting the shape right, and I spent a ridiculous amount of time on just that. The finished pieces are duct taped together and to the hanger.


This isn’t rainbow, per se, but it does have some bright colors. Mostly, it’s a pattern piece, being as symmetrical as I could possibly make it. The little black globs at the top are chia seeds I glued on, sort of like sand art. Lesson of the piece: don’t try to get bright colors from a computer catalog.


This is a Pinterest inspired collage. I can’t find the original, but it looks roughly like this. Except they didn’t cut colors from National Geographic, and they had more sections, so theirs wasn’t so heavy on the green and blue. And I don’t think there were white dots. What you can’t see is that the background isn’t solid black, it’s got tons of texture to it. You also can’t see the texture in the white, or in any of the colors, really… though I assure you it’s there.


For a long time, three or four years, we had a string of hearts hanging here that we made on Valentines Day. They held up surprisingly well, and the only problem was that A, they’d been up for 3 or 4 years, and B, they were incredibly dusty. (How can something that hangs straight up and down be so dusty?) So, after two weeks of staring at a blank wall, er… door frame with no door, I made this. It’s made of construction paper and packing paper- pretty much guaranteed not to last, so I’ll get to redo it when it falls down or fades to nothing. It’s only been a month, and already it’s beginning to fall…


This I started yesterday, finished today. It’s from an idea that’s been floating around in my head for a while. Except, in my head, it was a tulip, a nice green stem and a yellow background. My, how National Geographic forces us to reconsider. I’m pretty happy with it, though. I really like the way the starfish arms look as flower petals.


If you ever get bored, (and you should, it’s very good for the creativity) you should watch this video about snowflakes, starflakes and swirlflakes.  Or just cut shapes out of construction paper and glue them all together. DSCN3364.JPG

And finally, because it’s awesome, here is a picture of the clock that doesn’t work anymore. Yes, I stuck my elbow in it while trying to change the batteries once, and it bled pretty bad. Thus, I haven’t tried to change the batteries in four or five years. Every time Mom walks into my room, (less than once every six months) she asks if the clock is correct, which it’s not, but I say yes, because I have a digital clock that I can see in the dark and I forget about this one, even though it looks super cool.



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