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Monster Piggy Bank

March 27, 2017

One day, quite recently actually, I was in the kitchen. So my sister gave me the empty can that used to contain powdered eggs instead of throwing it away. (Though I don’t know what she was doing… what are powdered eggs? Eggs chopped into a bazillion pieces and dried? What would you do with those?) I said, ‘Sure, I’ll take that can. I’ll make a monster piggy bank!’


I cleaned the can, and asked my sister about paint, and she brought me some spray paint. So, I spray painted for the first time. Lesson of the Project: Spray paint may look dry and feel dry, but that does not mean that it is dry, or that it will not stick to your hands. I painted the can orange, then used what I thought was glitter paint to add stripes, of sorts. The paint was really yellow, and it didn’t show up well on top of the orange, so it kind of looks… dingy. The yellow paint looked a lot better by itself on the white lid.

When I was sure that the paint was dry, (though I was wrong and got much more of it on my hands,) I cut a slit in the lid. Another Lesson of the Project: Order of operations matters. It makes a lot more sense to cut then paint, rather than paint and then cut. I know this now. I also know how to get spray paint off of scissors. Use lots of soap and friction. I outlined the ‘stripes’ with a black sharpie, and outlined the coin slot with red sharpie.

For eyes, I thought about using lids or circles of cardboard, but went with egg carton, even though it’s so overdone, because the next day was Trash Day and the recycle bin had already been emptied. And I didn’t even know where to look for lids. So, I duct taped it on, along with some antennae-type things made of old wire. (A couple of years ago, Mom threw out a defective string of Christmas lights. I kept the long pieces of wire, and the bulbs. Believe it or not, they do come in handy sometimes.)

Then I decided to make arm-like extremities. (Which ended up just being arms. And just two of them. No octopus today.) So… I wove the wire around and stuff until it looked cool. Then I taped it on.

Now it looks like this:



Cute or creepy? Mmm… doesn’t matter. For an hour project, it looks pretty good. I’m gonna call this one a success.

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